Master Of Desire 2

Welcome to the painfreaks world of maid-training service. Two hopeful maids endure all manner of humiliation and pain at the hands of their “trainer.” Shackled and whipped, both have to repeat, “I love to clean” in between lashes of the maid-training whip. If that weren’t training enough, their breasts are slapped and tormented and still, they’re whipped some more. Will they make the grade?


Persephone and her posse are bound, gagged and squirming. Persephone’s delicate arms are shackled. Her mouth is held open by a quite painful-looking gag. She looks afraid–very afraid–wide-eyed and pleading, to no avail. Elsewhere, girls are hogtied and duct-taped, nude on a bed, squirming and moaning for a good long time. For the bound & gagged enthusiast!

Gonzo Bizzaro 2

It’s Rick Savage, and his latest girl has just canceled on him. So who’s he gonna torment? Lo and behold, there’s a girl in his office willing to give it a go. And she’s got one arm in a cast! He gags her. He strips her. Then chains her and makes her whimper like a dog. Still, he shows no mercy, whipping her huge tits….then slowly, slowly, he begins an excruciating round of nipple torment. Clothespins and weights!

Nightmare On 104th St 9

Women endure all manner of degradation and pain at the hand of 104th St. Masters. Obligated onto all fours, into slings, into stocks, shackled, blindfolded and on their knees, they’re finger-fucked, their pussies are chained and clamped and weighted, they’re flogged mercilessly, their tits are tormented without mercy, after which they say, “Thank you.”

Ginger / Angelica

Behold a posse of painfreaks bound and gagged in all kinds of excellent ways. Expect superb rope bondage, faces duct-taped and ball-gagged, wrists bound with rope and leather restraints. Women are strung up, bound with one leg suspended or legs wide open, nude or wearing nothing but sheer black stockings. Ropes cut into smooth pussies. And more!

Scarlett and Lita

We all know the pleasure of watching a hogtied hottie resist her restraints (to no avail). It gets even better watching her suspended in air, wiggling away, tits rope-bound and bulging. Or perhaps you’d prefer watching a painfreaks hottie tied in a chair, her stocking-covered legs bound open and suspended from the ceiling. Or, perhaps you’d prefer watching a nearly-nude girl tied tight to a water heater, her ankles shackled with leather….as for us, we like it all.

Amber / Pixie

Behold a few cute painfreaks tied up and wiggling for your viewing pleasure. They’re bound harshly with rope, tits bulging. They’ve got ball-gags and leather masks and cloths stuffed in their mouths. You’ll see at least one painfully pinned pussy, and at least one very smooth cunt bound tightly with rope (the rope cuts deep into her cunt every time she wiggles to get free). And that’s not all you’ll see.

BigTiT Bondage 7

Huge knockers get bound with rope, and worse! But we’ve gotten ahead of ourselves. First, the woman with said knockers is tied up, arms above her head. She’s obligated to hold a lit candle in her mouth, so hot wax drips all over her massive mamms. They’re bound so tightly they engorge with blood….and then they’re whipped! And still this Master isn’t quite finished, clamping both her twat and tongue with clothespins. For the grand finale, he rips out her ass-hairs out with needle-nose pliers. Extra points for creativity!

Domination Of Pixie

Painfreak Pixie gets soundly abused on the road to becoming a perfect slave. Excellent bent-over caning and spanking–a good long bit of it, and her white ass looks fantastic striped dark red. Flogging, whipping, bondage and of course humiliation, as she’s made to lie on the cold ground, her legs bound painfully open, her pussy flogged. (And she finally learns to say, “Yes, sir.”)

Bondage Desires

Four clips featuring latex, flogging and spanking. The first features a red-latex wearing woman bound in a hospital bed, feet chained to her hands. She looks superb squirming in her restraints. Her Mistress shows up, whipping her with a riding crop and obligating her into a skin-tight latex bodysuit (chaining her down again). Our latex slave wears a pony-girl mouth gag, is bound and squirming on a table as her Mistress slowly, tormentously slices off her panties and bra. She’s also given a slow, open-handed spanking. Awesome.